Organizational Nonduality

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What is arising for me around conscious organizations relates to a theory of transformation I've been sensing into. A conscious organization knows itself as an expression of the whole, and does beneficial work on all apparent levels simultaneously. When we work authentically and compassionately with dissonance, disturbance, etc., arriving at and embodying joyful resolution, the effects are planetary as well as cosmic. And of course we can also work consciously with harmony, balance, etc. (as in thriving communities).

Seeing the organization, its constituents, and its environment as an indivisible whole - as a complete manifestation of all that is - and moving accordingly is what I'm calling "organizational nonduality." When a collective, in this case an organization, sees in an undivided way, the very act of seeing activates profound healing, from the individual to the planetary, and throughout the cosmos.

As Thich Nhat Hanh says, "One drop of this compassionate water is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains and rivers..." (See video: "The End of Suffering"). He is also widely quoted as saying that the next Buddha may well be a collective.

I offer that collectives such as the Compassionate Action Network International can become conscious, even enlightened, organizations that illuminate the refreshing wellspring that is the very source of peace and flourishing. Peace starts here...

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